Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love, Why Is It So Difficult?

Love, which is the most important part of the Bible, of being Christian, of being human is so hard!  Why has loving others become such a difficult thing.  There are so many hurt and hurting people on the planet, and we all have our backs up so much that we can't seem to let go enough to love.  Even to love those closest to us.  Loving our husbands and wives, our children, our parents and siblings.  And let's just forget loving strangers!

"What a profound mystery that Christ came as a servant to us, yet we find it hard to serve others." ~Joyce Meyer

I sit and wonder when loving became so difficult for humanity as a whole.  I know why it is difficult for me.  I chose to marry my husband, and God bless him, I haven't been easy on him.  But then I sit and think about the fact that Christ came so that we could love others, to serve them.  Not to be their servants, but for us to serve them.  To help others and to put others needs before our own.  If we all did that with our spouses and children, just imagine how different life would be for everyone.  If we had to ability to remember that we are not the centre of the universe, that we were not the most important being here today. That, just like us, our spouses have a right to their thoughts/feelings/opinions.  That they were allowed to feel loved and not judged.

"God loved us first, and we loved Him back.  He reaffirms us concerning His love and we start loving others and eventually, the love becomes so intertwined in us that it no longer matters who was the first to love the other." ~Joyce Meyer

What if, no matter what our feelings are screaming at us about today, we did something to show those closest to us that we love them.  That we are here to make their days brighter, even if they don't do anything for us in return.  What if we were able to continue to do nice things, and to be a shining star to others, regardless of what we get in return.  (I am putting a disclaimer here though because Christ did not put us on this earth to be abused. If you are being abused, Christ does not want that for you.  Those abusers need to be loved from far away.  His plan is not for us to be used and abused.)

"The book of Ephesians explains this lesson of love by saying that we are to be useful and helpful and kind to one another, tenderhearted, compassionate, and understanding with the other." ~Joyce Meyer 
"Once we invite Jesus into our relationships, and do what He says to do, we become like Him in our thoughts and deeds, and consequently, we become loving like He is and we develop and maintain good relationships." ~Joyce Meyer 

Think about love.  Think about serving others.  It might be easier to think about serving someone you don't know at all, or don't know very well at first. But everyday wake up and think about how you could serve others.  How could you show those around you that you love them.  It could be as simple as picking up your husbands balled up and dirty socks without complaining and putting them in the wash, just like you asked him to do for the past 3000 days ;) It could be something huge like donating a large sum of money to an organization that helps a lot of people.  It could be picking up your neighbours trash can and bringing it back to their steps on garbage day.

Think about love.  Act on love.  Stop keeping score. Don't boast about what you did and for who.  Just love.