Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Marriage Work, Continued.

I'm still reading Making Marriage Work by Joyce Meyer.  I can only read small parts at a time, or else I don't have time to digest the information given.  These are bits and pieces of what I read this morning:

"Just be willing to begin and don't even be concerned about who is doing what." p.272

"In many marriages it is practically impossible to tell what the real problem ever was to start with."

"...don't get discouraged if your partner does not change immediately."

"I always say that it takes us years to make our messes, and we cannot get upset if one or two good choices does not get us our of them."

"Consistent good choices over an extended period of time will begin to turn a situation around."

"I don't share these things to be discouraging, but rather to be realistic."

"A bad marriage can turn around overnight, but it usually does not happen that way."

"Don't allow the worldly 50/50 proposition mentality to get you to give up if you don't get the response from your partner you desired." p. 273

"Love begins with acceptance.  Love changes us."

"...if we want some remodeling done in our relationships, we should focus on our own behaviours."


Be willing to be the first one to change, but in godly ways.  Changing does NOT mean becoming what your partner asks/wants/desires/demands, but it means becoming the best you that you can be. Becoming more God-like, and accepting ourselves where we are at today.

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